Some of the players from the women’s college basketball national runner-ups made the trip to DeWitt to share their skills and knowledge with the next generation.

Kate Martin hosted a 5th-8th grade basketball camp at the high school.

Martin had plenty of help — teammates Hannah Stuelke, Gabbie Marshall, Sydney Affolter and Jada Gyamfi were on the court, too.

159 kids showed up to hang with the Hawkeyes, a fun time for everyone — especially “The Glue” herself.

“I hope that they get to take away that they get to meet all of us and experience what it’s what like to hang out with us,” Martin said. “They see us on the court, but to get to talk to us off the court — that’s also super special. And then obviously basketball skills as well. We talk about a lot of shooting practices, shooting drills, ball-handling defensive drills — so we just want them to get in the gym, have fun and hang out with us a little bit.”

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