Lisa Bluder has been a head basketball coach since 1984, starting her career at St. Ambrose in Davenport. And the university shared a video Wednesday from early in her career on social media.

In the 1989 clip, she said she just wanted to coach the Division I level. Now, she’s in the Final Four. I spoke with Coach Bluder in Dallas on Wednesday and asked if she had seen the video.

“The video is kind of embarrassing to be quite honest,” the Hawkeyes head coach said. “My players say my voice is so different, and I say it’s from yelling at you guys all these years.”

“I’ve been so blessed. Honestly I’ve been at three great places — St. Ambrose, Drake and Iowa. All the state of Iowa. I couldn’t ask for a better place to start than St. Ambrose. To learn, to have great mentors like Coach [C. Vivian] Stringer. Honestly, I’ve been at places where they’re supportive of women’s basketball — and the high school basketball’s been really good as well. I’ve been incredibly blessed.”

St. Ambrose shared the video with us and you can watch it above, along with Bluder’s reaction from Dallas.

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