Iowa defensive tackle Noah Shannon’s appeal to the NCAA regarding his year-long suspension for gambling has been denied. Thus, Shannon’s Hawkeye career is over after starting each game of the past two seasons.

Head coach Kirk Ferentz revealed some details in regards to the appeal process this afternoon:

“I’m not quite sure what went into the decision, but what I can tell you is that Noah is a tremendous young man. He came back to his sixth year. A highly respected leader in our locker room and certainly with our coaching staff.”

“Our goal is to keep him with the program, keep him close, have him remain as a part of the team. Obviously he can’t play, but he’s run a heck of a race, and we are really disappointed with the whole thing.”

“He’s been honest throughout this whole process, very transparent. About as honest as you can be. I want to emphasize he did not break any laws. My wife made that point a couple weeks ago, just in emphasis. He is guilty of an NCAA violation. Very up front about that.”

“Basically I don’t agree or understand, quite frankly, the decision, especially when it comes to the severity of the punishment. To me, it’s really disappointing, especially considering our current environment right now, which believe me, the last couple months I’m a lot more in tune to that than previously.”

“Probably the most disappointing thing, the panel that heard the appeal had an opportunity to do something, make a decision that to me would reflect reason and also reflect the changing environment. They failed to do so. We’ll move on. Just disappointed on that front, certainly.”

Noah Shannon also released a statement today, expressing a similar frustration:

I want to apologize to the fans and everyone who supports Iowa Football. I made a mistake and I have taken responsibility for it. I am heartbroken that I will not be able to play alongside my brothers again, but I plan to stick with the team and support them any way that I can going forward.

I want to say thank you to my family, Coach Ferentz, the coaching staff, and all of my teammates and friends for their unwavering support. I am going to make sure that this mistake does not define me or my career going forward.

Logan Lee and Yahya Black will continue starting at right and left nose tackle. The Hawkeyes have produced just one sack through two games, but have limited opponents to just 27 total points thus far.

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