If you’re a Hawkeye fan — wistful or not — you know Iowa and Minnesota don’t like each other. Whether it’s about taking or not taking timeouts, winning Big Ten championships and subsequently tearing down goalposts, or clap-gate.

But some are actually quite unaware of the tension between Kirk Ferentz and officials in 2020. Wait, that’s not important. What is, however, is the Floyd of Rosedale trophy, one that Iowa’s claimed ten of the last eleven games.

But again, some are just trying to win a football game. Like transfers Deacon Hill and Seth Anderson. Hill’s from Santa Barbara, California and Anderson’s from Suwanee, Georgia.

“Honestly, I’m not going to lie — I don’t know much about it,” Hill said. “I know they’re not the biggest fans of us. I know we’re not the biggest fans of them program-wise, I guess. I know the trophy has a pig on it. I’m still learning, I’ve got a lot of other stuff to focus on right now besides like the history of the rivalry, but you could definitely feel the energy is there. Everybody wants to win this game.”

“I don’t really know too much about the rivalry, but I know it’s a trophy game,” Anderson said. “So, it’s a big game for sure. We’ll come after them and they will come after us too.”

However, one Hawkeye in particular does have a vivid memory of the battle for the pig — Cooper DeJean. DeJean recalled a game (likely the 2014 matchup) where he traveled to Minnesota to watch a 51-14 Iowa loss.

“Iowa was just getting the ball moved down that throat. I think they lost by a few touchdowns,” DeJean said. “It was kind of annoying up there, just to sit and hear their fans. They’ve got this saying, I think, that’s it goes like, ‘That’s another Golden Gopher first down,’ and that’s all I remember hearing.”

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