Each week during the season the Hawkeye Headquarters staff will predict the outcome of the Iowa football game.

Blake Hornstein (7-1): Ahead of three consecutive trophy games, I’ll dub this matchup as the “Charlie Jones Bowl.”

The former Hawkeye is leading an offense that throws the ball — more than every team in the conference not named Ohio State. Speaking of the Buckeyes, I think back to the first half of that game a few weeks ago. Despite dreadful field position, and lopsided time of possession, Iowa’s defense limited the Buckeyes to five field goals in six trips over midfield. This unit can keep an explosive offense in check.

Despite the Boilermakers making this a rivalry, winning four of the last five, I’ll take the Hawks. This group is due for a shocking win, just like Purdue went to Kinnick and took down the second-ranked team last year. Hawkeyes country, let’s ride.

Prediction: Iowa, 17, Purdue 14

Ryan Jaster (5-3): The totally irrelevant prediction (4-4) says the Hawkeyes lose 17-3. This week, I don’t disagree. As I’ve said about a lot of Hawkeyes opponents for years, I need to see them beat Iowa before I’d pick against them. Illinois and Iowa State obliged and ended long streaks this year. The reverse is true of Purdue. Jeff Brohm knows how to beat Kirk Ferentz. And whether it’s a matchup of unranked teams pretending to be protected rivals or an undefeated No. 2 team at home, throw out the records. Except for this one: Brohm is 4-1 against the Hawks. (The lone exception? A rare Hawkeyes team with no “bad” losses that went wire-to-wire in the AP Top 25 for the first time since 1991.)

Ferentz called it “scar tissue” before last year’s loss added more — and knocked second-ranked Iowa out of the top 10.

The spirit of Hayden Fry compels me to say in every Purdue prediction I make that Brohm tends to “scratch where it itches.” Whether it’s Anthony Mahoungou, Terry Wright or David Bell — yet somehow never Rondale Moore — there’s a Boilermakers receiver ready to break out for 100-plus — sometimes solely in the second half — against Iowa. Haunting. And as you might have heard, Purdue has two that stretch the phrase “once a Hawkeye, always a Hawkeye” to its limits this week. Let’s hope they don’t do the same to Iowa’s stellar defense.

But don’t just take my word for it. Others have noticed and lined up the stats in a tweet I have screenshot and linked to (not embedded) here:

I believe the Boilermakers will find a way to exploit the matchups they’re given again — and win. The Hawkologist’s prognosis is a 5 on the 6-point pain index. 

Here’s a look at what others from near and far expect, starting with the weather from Local 4’s Tyler Ryan:

Quad-City Times
Steve Batterson: Purdue 27, Iowa 21. Two things have to happen for Iowa to earn its second road win of the season.

The Hawkeyes cannot give up the number of big plays it surrendered a year ago to the Boilermakers — six plays of 20 yards or more.

Iowa also must find a way to control the football, be it through an effective rushing game that is showing improvement or through the short pass. An experienced Purdue defensive front could create issues there.

Bill Connelly: Purdue by .4 somehow

Athlon Sports
Steven Lassan: Purdue
Mark Ross: Purdue
Ben Weinrib: Iowa

Bleacher Report
Max Escarpio: Purdue 23, Iowa 17

Cody Hills: Purdue 23, Iowa 17

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Purdue Pete and the Boilermakers have hammered the Hawkeyes in recent years. (Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images)