Hawks To Go tailgate generating dollars #FTK in a unique way

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Iowa tailgate has raised over $100k for the Stead Family Children's Hospital

There have been multiple grassroots fundraisers to generate money for the University of Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital.

One pregame party for Iowa football games is using a drink trailer.

“A group came together and wanted to figure out a way to make it…a little easier, so we bought this trailer,” said Hawkeye fan Bill Polka. “Folks would come by and they’d want to do a beverage or two, and ‘hey, I want to pay for those beverages.’ No you don’t, so they’d donate.”

The drinks in the trailer are generating dollars for the children’s hospital, a fundraiser that hits close to Polka’s heart.

“My son, they saved his life about 34 years ago. The doctor who did it is still at the University of Iowa hospital,” Polka said.

And with the visibility of the facility every Saturday, it’s not just Hawkeyes fans opening their wallets.

“Iowa State fans, Ohio State fans, Michigan fans, Wisconsin…it doesn’t matter, they’re all very generous,” Polka said. “They come in and they’re for the cause.”

Over $100,000 have been collected at the Hawks to Go tailgate in the last seven years.

“Even before the wave, I think we really embraced other people coming. We didn’t care if they were Hawkeye fans or whoever,” said Hawkeye fan Brian Greer.

Everyone trying to make a difference for kids facing the fight of their lives.

“We’ve had kids captains come in. We’ve had parents of children that have been in the hospital and we have them autograph the trailer,” Polka said. “That’s just amazing.”

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