Iowa football head coach Kirk Ferentz and a few of his Hawkeyes were in Indianapolis for Big Ten Media Days.

The coach began his remarks by stating how fortunate and thankful he was to be starting his 33rd year at Iowa. He spent nine years as an assistant in the 1980s and is now in his 24th year as head coach.

One indicator of his longevity is the age of his coaches, many of which are former Hawkeyes that played under him.

“I think we have an outstanding staff right now, and selfishly one of the nice things is we have five former players,” Ferentz said. “Means I’m getting old, I guess. We have five former players on our staff.”

One of those coaches is returning Hawkeyes offensive coordinator Brian Ferentz, who will add coaching the quarterbacks to his duties this season. Kirk talked about his son, the offense and why that change was made.

“He’s done a great job,” Kirk Ferentz said. “I think he’s made the transition well. He’s worked hard at it. Jon Budmayr joined our staff as an analyst. He’s been a great resource as well as some other people. I think the key component from my vantage point was to have our play caller be coaching our quarterbacks. Just trying to minimize some opportunities for confusion or that type of thing and try to get a little more clarity in what we’re doing. So, so far, so good.”

Despite the switch and optimistic outlook, his son received the smallest bump in pay this offseason. When asked about it, Kirk Ferentz said the salaries “reflect levels of experience and contributions to the program” and are more about retaining staff than criticism of a specific phase of the game — namely, the offense.

“If we end up losing a coach, I want it to be for really good reasons, not because we’re not able to pay them enough,” Kirk Ferentz said. “As I said in my earlier comments, to me it’s been one of the greatest places ever to work, and I hope our staff feels the same way. I think we’re in a good place with everybody on the staff.”

As for Brian? “I think he’s been compensated really well.”

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