A lot of buzzwords for prospects get thrown around during NFL Combine season.

For Nate Stanley on Tuesday, there were two that came to mind: consistency and accuracy.

Stanley knew the questions about his inconsistency and average completion percentage would come almost immediately NFL teams.

“How can you be more consistent? What are you doing to get to that point?,” said Stanley, who met informally with around 25 clubs as of Tuesday morning. “I feel really confident with how those meetings went, and I’m looking forward to continue this process and getting to know teams even better.”

Consistency and accuracy are a must in the National Football League, so Stanley began working with quarterback specialist Tony Racioppi shortly after the Holiday Bowl.

“I was just throwing a football like I was throwing a baseball when I was a kid,” said the former Iowa quarterback. “I’m really trying to fix some of the mechanics of my lower half of my body to make sure I’m not over striding. Using my hips to generate power instead of trying to bend at my waist or use my elbow.”

It’s more refining than overhauling his mechanics.

It’s also a layer deeper than what Stanley said Iowa quarterbacks coach Ken O’Keefe could offer.

“He’s great with the X’s and O’s, but I just felt like the explanation of why you missed throws wasn’t always there,” Stanley said.

Stanley’s reboot came after one of the most productive quarterback careers in Iowa history. The Draft Network’s Jordan Reid said Stanley’s entire body of work should make him a late-round pick this April.

“The thing you want to see him improve upon is just his consistency,” said Reid, an analyst. “There was some open throws that he did miss from time-to-time, but there were some tight-window throws where he has a lot of courage in order to throw those throws.”