Why Hawkeye Ryan Kriener’s ‘European Vacation’ sequel was tougher than the original

Hawkeye Headquarters

Ryan Kriener is becoming a regular old Clark Griswold when it comes to European vacations.

The Hawkeyes senior of course traveled two years ago with the rest of the team to three different countries across Europe.
This summer he went with the USA East Coast basketball team to Greece. He didn’t get stuck in any round-a-bouts, but he did say it was a little more challenging this time around because English is a lot less prevalent.

“The first time we went over there, almost everything was in English,” Kriener said. “I don’t know why, I guess central there’s a lot more English. But in Greece, everything was in Greek. If you found a few English letters, you were feeling good. You couldn’t find anyone to speak English to and if they did, they just knew the basics: yes, no and I don’t speak English. Going over there with a different group of guys in a different country, it just played a little different. It was a lot more fast-paced, a lot more fluid. The ball doesn’t really stick over there and they’re a lot more physical on certain aspects of the game.”

Kriener and the all-star team won all three games they played over in Greece. They also got some exposure to the international three-point line that’s going to come into play at Carver-Hawkeye Arena next season.

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