Iowa does not score for 8:00 but still scores 96 in their win over Nebraska

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How did the Hawkeyes endure an eight-minute scoring drought, but still manage a season-high in points? It comes down to one word: Efficiency.

“The crazy thing to me is that we scored 96 points and we didn’t score in an eight-minute stretch.” CJ Fredrick said. “Who knows what we really could have done if we were able to click for all 40 minutes,”

“I didn’t realize it was eight minutes without scoring, but yeah, we clearly did a good job despite those eight minutes,” said Joe Wieskamp, who paced Iowa with a career-high 30 points in a 96-72 blowout win over Nebraska.

Iowa ranks third in the country and first in the Big Ten in offensive efficiency this season.

“To be an efficient offense, if you can avoid those possessions at all times, and try and get a good shot everything, not necessarily a great shot, but at least a good shot every single possession,” Connor McCaffery said. “That is what leads to us being able to put up 96, even though we had that scoring drought.”

Luka Garza says sharing the rock and pushing the tempo is also breeding the fireworks on offense.

“You know, you gotta move the ball,” Garza said. “If you don’t move the ball, there’s no chance I’m gonna get it. And there’s no chance anybody else is really gonna get open looks, so once we started moving the ball and getting them in transition it’s hard for them to set up that kind of defense.”

The next test for the Hawks’ efficient attack comes Thursday at Indiana.

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