Hawkeyes get more comfortable with training program each summer

Hawkeye Headquarters

The Iowa Hawkeyes have many new players joining the team, but for the veterans the summer approach has become much easier.

Whether you’re a program veteran like Kristian Welch…

“It’s my third, fourth summer now. So going through it, you know what to expect.”

…or experiencing your first full summer like Mekhi Sargent:

“Last offseason, I was a young guy coming in so I didn’t really get to do a lot of the strength and conditioning stuff and work as hard as the older guys.”

…the comfort level for Hawkeyes players during summer training is a lot like a fine wine — it gets better with age.

“Your first summer you don’t know what’s going on, you’re still a little kid,” Iowa junior offensive lineman Tristan Wirfs said. “And then each summer after that you get a little more comfortable and you know what to expect and everything like that.”

Welch says the older guys try and mentor the rookies knowing how tough the first summer can be for new players.

“They don’t know what to expect,” Welch said. “And make it easier for them so they’re not overwhelmed and there’s not so much on their plate. Then they can manage both the football and the strength and conditioning too.”

And as players get more comfortable, Iowa senior quarterback Nate Stanley says your confidence follows suit.

“I’ve done it before,” Stanley said. “I know that I can do these workouts. I know that whatever the coaches through at us, physically or mentally, I am ready to do it.”

“Now that I have experience here, Coach Doyle’s been putting me through a different type of training,” Sargent said. “I feel like I’ve never had that training before and I know myself. It’s gonna take me to another level.”

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