Iowa Hawkeyes swimmers next move

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“In August, the University of Iowa decided to cut four athletics programs including women’s swimming, but they have not given up hope. They have filed for a title IX lawsuit, stating that the University does not have enough women’s sports.”

(Sage Ohlensehlen/Iowa Senior Swimmer) 015
“Me and my teammates are suing the University of Iowa for not having enough opportunities for women, um the way that title IX works, the amount of females that are in the student body population, should be equivalent to the amount of opportunites there are to women in athletics. The university of Iowa has about 56 percent female student body population. Therefor athletics should be 56 percent female opportunities.”

“The Lawsuit was brought forward by a former Olympic athlete who had close ties to title IX”

“This lawsuit the idea was given to by a women named Nancy Hogshead from Florida. Who is an Olympic swimmer, and now she works for title IX an organization called championship women which focuses on title IX, which focuses on making sure women have equal opportunity in athletics. She was the person I orginally spoke too who came up with this great idea to press charges, then she got in contact with Jim Louro our Lawyer here in Iowa City, and now Nancy is an expert witness on our case, and Jim is our Lawyer.”

“Freshmen swimmer Alexa Puccini arrived on campus five days prior to hearing the news that her sport got cut. Now she may have to look elsewhere to continue her career.”

(Alexa Puccini/Iowa Freshmen Swimmer) 1:21
“Yeah, um I’m in the transfer portal that means I don’t have to transfer, it is an option for me now. we are hoping with this lawsuit that it is going to go in our favor, and I get to stay in Iowa City, and graduate here.”

‘Women’s Swimming, and diving team are not just trying to save their own program, but the other three programs that got cut as well.”

“The thing about this Lawsuit is people are asking does this mean that you don’t want the men’s team to come back? That’s not correct at all, we are actually hoping to reinstate all four programs, and then add an additional program such as female wrestling or lacrosse. Any up and coming sport.”

“I mean ultiately we are hoping that we can reinstate the women’s Swimming and Diving team. But also protentially the men’s along with the other four sports that were cut with us. Men’s tennis and Men’s Gymnastics. We want to fight for equal rights, especally for women with our title IX case, but we also want to fight for the sports that got cut.”

“The swimming and Diving program is continuing to practice, and just hoping that the Big 10 will allow them to have an season

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