Iowa not surprised by Recinos’ accuracy

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It was a workman-like performance by Iowa on Saturday as the Hawkeyes dominated, beating Maryland 23-0. The kicking game was a big strength in some tough conditions. 

That’s nothing new for Iowa senior kicker Miguel Recinos.

“I don’t know if anything will ever match the Pinstripe Bowl,” Recinos said. “I don’t think… I mean it would be very hard-pressed, but I would say it was one of the harder games I’ve kicked in for sure.” 

Recinos looked right at home in the tough conditions. 

“I can’t say enough about our special teams, especially our specialists,” Ferentz said. 

Even as stiff autumn winds created a chaotic scene at Kinnick Stadium. 

“You wanna really just do as slight of adjustments as possible, so it still feels within comfort zone type of thing,” Recinos said.
Recinos nailed three field goals in gusty conditions. Ferentz says having a kicker who’s played in all kinds of weather was huge for the Hawks.
“That’s one of the nice things about having a senior guy or an experienced player back there, and he’s both, so I think that’s a big part,” Ferentz said. “But he’s just worked hard and he’s mentally tough. He’s fought through the tough things.” 

Recinos says the key to kicking in poor conditions is preparation. Getting out early, getting your kicks in and then telling the coaches exactly where your field goal range is going to be for that contest. 

“When I went out there, I just hit probably five or six balls just to hit them,” Recinos said. “So I felt good about it and I knew that if I just got good contact on it that I would give myself a shot.”

It also helps to have a trusted holder like Colton Rastetter, who acts as Recinos’ caddie.
“It’s one of those things where I go out there with an idea, but if his idea is different, most of the time I defer to his judgment,” Recinos said. “You know, today when he was calling it out, I basically just went with what he called.” 

Since starting the season 4-for-7, Recinos has hit on his last six field goals. That right leg could be absolutely huge with some tough games looming for the Hawks, beginning next week at Penn State. 

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