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Iowa legend Chuck Long visits Grid Club

Former Hawkeyes quarterback speaks at Knights of Columbus in Davenport

DAVENPORT, Iowa - The Grid Club had another marvelous Monday at the Knights of Columbus in Davenport.

They meet every Monday at noon during the high school football season.

And today not only did we have many local coaches talking but we had former Iowa quarterback Chuck Long on hand.

"It's a famous, an Iowa famous grid club and they do wonderful things on updating everybody on the community coaches and what they did in the games before and what they're doing forward in the next week," Long said, "So it's really fun to see that and be a part of that every year. And they allow us to come back and talk about the Children's Therapy Center which I've been a part of for 22 years and raising money for kids with disabilities and that's been just a wonderful foundation. And the grid club allows us to talk about that along with some things I'm doing in the health and sports field and what we're doing with the Iowa Sports Foundation as well which is a state-wide all 99 counties foundation and then we talk a little football, so that's been fun, too."

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