Iowa relies on “some of the best sharpshooters in the country” to balance the offensive attack

Hawkeye Headquarters

The Iowa Hawkeye offense showed it can attack a defense in several ways with their win over North Carolina on Tuesday. CJ Fredrick, Jordan Bohannon, and Joe Wieskamp combined for 64 points and 17 three-pointers in the 93-80 win.

“I know there’s a lot of opportunities for me,” said Iowa junior Joe Wieskamp. “Luka is obviously going to draw a lot of attention on other teams’ scouting reports and they’re going to be preparing for him those couple days heading up to the game. I know there will be opportunities for me. I’ve just got to stay aggressive and take advantage.”

As one of the best players in college basketball, Luka Garza forces teams to scheme around him. He’s just glad he’s surrounded by sharpshooters when he can’t carry the load by himself.

“I know going forward teams are going to put gameplays on me,” said Garza. “We have some of the best shooters in the country in CJ, Wieskamp, and Jordan Bohannon and I thank them. I wasn’t having the best offensive night.”

Wieskamp knocked down 7 of the team’s 17 three-pointers and fellow deep-threat Jordan Bohannon was more than happy to see him letting it fly.

“I’ve been begging him to shoot the damn ball,” said Iowa senior Jordan Bohannon. “He wasn’t listening to me until the last couple years. I’m glad he’s finally shooting the ball and shooting when I pass it to him. I want him to continue shooting the ball.”

Wieskamp heard the message load and clear.

“Jordan is a great point guard,” said Wieskamp. “He trusts and believes in me and my ability. I always try to be an efficient player, but I know for us to go to the level and continue to move forward I have to stay aggressive and shoot the ball with confidence.”

Fans and opposing teams have had their eyes locked on Luka Garza early on this season for Iowa, but Tuesday’s game sent a message to the rest of college basketball: This whole team can disrupt a defense.

“We showed all the threats we have out there today,” said Wieskamp. “We have a lot of guys who can score the ball at a high rate and shoot the heck out of the ball.”

After beating #16 North Carolina, #3 Iowa now has its sights on Iowa State, who come to Carver-Hawkeye Arena on Friday.

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