Fun, frigid twist to Hawkeyes wrestling media day as expectations rise

Hawkeye Headquarters

It’s been a decade since the Hawkeyes’ last national championship. But with seven All-Americans on the roster, the Hawks are poised to return to the top of the hill in college wrestling. So get ready, because the Hawks are coming.

“I think about it every day,” Iowa junior Alex Marinelli said. “I got the 2010 national title picture in my apartment right now. My wife and I have it hung up. We hate seeing other people win. It’s a proven fact and so Okie State, Ohio State, everyone that’s contending, we’re wanting to prove to them that we should be on the top of the stand at every single weight class.”

The Hawkeyes held their annual Media Day event at Kroul Farms in Mount Vernon, Iowa, on Wednesday.

“We just got a lot of guys that love to compete, love to go out and wrestle every day,” Iowa senior Michael Kemerer said. “We’re a really close team and we have a lot of fun together and then we go out and work hard. I think we’re really embracing the opportunity to compete and wrestle for a national title.”

“This team is special in my mind because of how close we are and how much we believe in each other,” Iowa junior Spencer Lee said. “But there’s no secret to why were gonna win this year or not. We just have an awesome team and we all believe in each other and uplift each other to be the best that we can be.”

“I wouldn’t trade our team for any other team,” Iowa head coach Tom Brands said. “I love our guys. We have the guys that are putting the work in every day. I’m not going to compare ourselves like every other year. People thought that I was bananas maybe for thinking we could win last year. We’re gonna look at it like we do every year. We don’t look at it any different this year.”

Wisconsin. Ohio State. Penn State. That’s just part of a dynamic schedule for these Hawks. One that could have them championship-tested come March.

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