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It might be a little snowy and a little cold this Halloween, but that doesn’t stop anybody from celebrating, does it? I came dressed to media day at Kroul Farms in Mount Vernon on Wednesday in a Bettendorf singlet as a Bettendorf wrestler. As far as these Hawkeyes are concerned, here’s what they had to say about their favorite Halloween memories growing up.

Paul Glynn, Iowa senior: “Probably say my favorite costume I had growing up was when I went as Rocky Balboa one year. I had my sister put some makeup on me to make it look like blood and stuff. I thought it was pretty cool at the time.”

Jacob Warner, Iowa sophomore: “Ahhh, I think I went as ‘Scream’ one year. I know I went as Spider-Man. My first-ever was a scarecrow, though, when I was like not even a year old, so…”

Michael Kemerer, Iowa senior: “The one I remember, it was actually my buddy who wore it. I’m a big Steelers fan. It was Troy Polamalu. He wore a Troy Polamalu costume. So he had his Steelers jersey on and then he had a big wig, because Polamalu had the long hair.”

Alex Marinelli, Iowa junior: “I dressed up as a firefighter when I was little, but other than that I don’t really get into it. I like the candy. I’m kind of addicted to sweets a little bit, so Tom knows that. We’re working on it. Reese’s, when I was little I used to cry because I couldn’t get them. Yeah, I’m big on that. Once I start, I probably can’t stop, so I don’t even go there anymore.”

Hopefully some of those memories warm you up on this chilly Halloween. Things are gonna get a lot hotter inside Carver-Hawkeye Arena in a couple of weeks, when the Hawks kick off the season against Tennessee-Chattanooga.

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