Duke Slater Field turned into a landing spot for garbage (no, I’m not talking about the Hawkeyes offense). Literal garbage was heaved onto the field during last Saturday’s game by angry fans.

One fan on Twitter captured a water bottle being tossed into the north end zone after ISU’s touchdown in the fourth quarter.

After the Cyclones secured the victory over their in-state rival, they sprinted over to the stands to taunt Hawkeye fans. Whether this provoked more garbage hurling or not, Hawkeye defensive back Terry Roberts says he was plunked with… something.

“It looked like some fries or tater tots,” Roberts speculated. “I couldn’t tell. I just saw a lot of ketchup. So I don’t know. I was a little upset.”

Roberts laughed it off at Tuesday’s media day, but he was disappointed in the fan’s behavior.

“I don’t know if it was intended for me or not. Either way, that still shouldn’t happen. I know the fans were upset but we can’t react like that as a whole. We’ve got to keep our composure.”

Head coach Kirk Ferentz didn’t directly address the fan conduct, but said he understands the frustration.

“It’s disappointing. Certainly disappointing for everybody involved,” Ferentz said at his weekly press conference. “I’m sure our fans feel the same way and I’m sure our fans are a little bit frustrated as well. So you know, that’s the nature of it. Losing is never any fun. Nobody’s more disappointed than our players or our coaching staff. This is what we do — or at least spend a lot of time doing.”

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Iowa’s Terry Roberts (2) has no problem deflecting objects thrown through the air — they’re just usually footballs, not… tater tots? (Matthew Holst / Getty Images)