This afternoon at Fox Big Noon Kickoff’s rehearsal I caught up with some pretty big names in the realm of college football. CFB writer and Fox Sports reporter Bruce Feldman stopped to chat for a little bit, as well as BNK panelist Brady Quinn. Both of them tapped into the nitty gritty of Hawkeyes football, and shared some thoughts on what they’ve seen so far from the Hawkeyes offense.

Brady, you’re first.

“Look, [Spencer]’s been inconsistent this year, but there’s reasons for that,” the former Notre Dame signal caller said. “I mean, Charlie Jones decided to transfer and leave. He probably would have came back. I can only imagine how that is trying to develop that chemistry again with with different guys out there. That plays a role in all of this. And I’ll be honest with you, the offensive line … hasn’t been as good as I think most would expect for an Iowa team. So there’s reasons for that, it’s not all on his shoulders.”

Bruce Feldman reiterated the case for a revamped offensive line being at the root of Iowa’s offensive woes.

“I feel like one of the things that maybe got overlooked was you had to replace the best center in the country,” Feldman said, referring to All-American Tyler Linderbaum. “I think that is not something you’re just going to plug a guy in and you’re gonna get the same thing. They could do a lot of different things with him in the run game. I think that kind of hampers your run game to have that kind of adjustment to go to back to maybe a more an offensive line that’s kind of, you know, doesn’t have that real difference-maker in the middle of it.”

One thing I learned today about Quinn: He’s got a soft spot for Ohio guys. And Iowa freshman running back Kaleb Johnson [Hamilton, Ohio] fits that bill, and Quinn on queue sung his praises.

“One of the things is he’s got a bit of a burst. When he gets through the hole he can make someone miss.” Quinn said. “Not as much as like your typical Big Ten back, but someone who I think is little more ‘scatty’. So I think you’ve seen his touches go up over the course of the season, and I wouldn’t be shocked if he didn’t get a good amount of that somewhere in the game as well.”

As for how the Hawkeyes offense is going to perform tomorrow? Feldman offered this prediction:

“I don’t think offensively they just have enough right now. I don’t love the matchup of Iowa’s offensive line against Michigan’s front,” Feldman said. “I just don’t think they’re gonna be able to win a game that’s going to be a 7-6 game where the seven may come from a pick six or something, you know? So for me, that’s why I have Michigan.

As for Brady…

Yes, Brady Quinn did his job and saved his prediction for national television. We did ours earlier today, so you don’t have to wait for that.

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