The Iowa football program announced the team’s two most valuable players, in seniors Jack Campbell and Sam LaPorta. For Campbell, this is the second consecutive year he has won this award. Campbell won Big Ten defensive player of the year, and LaPorta won Big Ten tight end of the year.

Campbell, Iowa’s star linebacker, has already racked up plenty of awards. He’s received the William V. Campbell trophy, Butkus award, as well as making 1st team all Big Ten. His 118 tackles were the 2nd most in the conference.

Sam LaPorta led Iowa in many major receiving categories this season despite playing tight end. In 11 games LaPorta caught 53 passes for 601 yards and a touchdown. He was also a finalist for the Mackey award.

In addition, Campbell and LaPorta join CB Riley Moss, P Tory Taylor, and S Kaevon Merriweather as permanent team captains.

Here is the full list of team awards:

Forest Evashevski Academic Achievement:              Matt Fagan

Iron Hawk Award:                                                               Jack Campbell

Roy Carver Most Valuable Players:                               Sam LaPorta, offense

                                                                                                   Jack Campbell, defense

Permanent Team Captains:                                             Sam LaPorta, offense

                                                                                                   Jack Campbell, defense

                                                                                                   Kaevon Merriweather, defense

                                                                                                   Riley Moss, defense

                                                                                                   Tory Taylor, special teams

Hayden Fry Award:                                                             Sam LaPorta, offense

                                                                                                   Seth Benson, defense

                                                                                                   Jack Campbell, defense

                                                                                                   Noah Shannon, defense

                                                                                                   Luke Elkin, special teams

                                                                                                   Jay Higgins, special teams

Reggie Roby Special Teams Award:                              Tory Taylor (specialist)

                                                                                                   Cooper DeJean (overall)

Team Leader Award:                                                          Taylor Fox, offense

                                                                                                   Deavin Hilson, offense

                                                                                                   Griffin Liddle, offense

                                                                                                   Max White, offense

                                                                                                   Koen Entringer, defense

                                                                                                   Luke Gaffney, defense

                                                                                                   Thomas Hartlieb, defense

                                                                                                   Kael Kolarik, special teams

                                                                                                   Reese Osgood, special teams

                                                                                                   Josef Smith, special teams

                                                                                                   Kelby Telander, special teams

Brett Greenwood Award:                                                Joe Evans

                                                                                                   Monte Pottebaum

Former Player:                                                                      Brett Greenwood (2007-10)

Comeback Player of the Year:                                         Diante Vines

Coaches Appreciation Award:                                        Luke Lachey, offense

                                                                                                   Mason Richman, offense

                                                                                                   Leshon Williams, offense

                                                                                                   Deontae Craig, defense

                                                                                                   Ethan Hurkett, defense

                                                                                                   Kaevon Merriweather, defense

                                                                                                   Quinn Schulte, defense

                                                                                                   Louie Stec, defense

                                                                                                   Deontae Craig, special teams

                                                                                                   Louie Stec, special teams

                                                                                                   Turner Pallisard, special teams

                                                                                                   Monte Pottebaum, special teams

                                                                                                   Lukas Van Ness, special teams

Team Hustle Award:                                                           Spencer Petras, offense

                                                                                                   Monte Pottebaum, offense

                                                                                                   Nico Ragaini, offense

                                                                                                   Cooper DeJean, defense

                                                                                                   Logan Lee, defense

                                                                                                   Riley Moss, defense

                                                                                                   Lukas Van Ness, defense

                                                                                                   John Waggoner, defense

                                                                                                   Seth Benson, special teams

                                                                                                   Jack Campbell, special teams

                                                                                                   Riley Moss, special teams

                                                                                                   Xavier Nwankpa, special teams

Next Man In Award:                                                           Brody Brecht, offense

                                                                                                   Kaleb Johnson, offense

                                                                                                   Logan Jones, offense

                                                                                                   Alec Wick, offense

                                                                                                   Sebastian Castro, defense

                                                                                                   Jay Higgins, defense

                                                                                                   Logan Klemp, defense

                                                                                                   Kaleb Johnson, special teams

                                                                                                   Drew Stevens, special teams

Player Appreciation Award:                                            Brad Heinrichs

Bump Elliott Award:                                                           Greg Morris

                                                                                                   Kevin Foor

                                                                                                   Kelly Koch

Distinguished Service Award:                                         Barbara Burke

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Iowa MVPs Sam LaPorta and Jack Campbell (AP Photo/Charlie Neibergall)