31 points, 20 rebounds — both career highs for Iowa forward Kris Murray. In the Hawkeyes home win over Georgia Tech, Murray had enough double-doubles to go around the table for seconds. His performance led his Hawkeyes to an 81-65 win.

Yellow Jackets head coach Josh Pastner knew what to expect from Iowa’s budding star.

“There’s a reason he’s preseason all-Big Ten,” Pastner said postgame. “There’s a reason that he’s really good. I know his brother is in the pros — and if Kris plays like that he’s going to be right there with his brother.”

Kris and his brother Keegan have different play styles. But, their numbers are strangely similar through Kris’s first seven games this year, and Keegan’s first seven last year. The Sacramento Kings drafted Keegan Murray 4th overall in this year’s NBA draft.

Going back to Kris’s big night, 31 points is a great night for any basketball player on its own. 20 rebounds? That’s what most impressed Hawkeyes head coach Fran McCaffery.

“The really impressive thing about the rebounding with Kris was six offensive rebounds in the first half were a big difference in this game,” McCaffery said. “We were struggling shooting the ball and he went back and got it six times. And the other thing is, I mean like a lot of guys can get 30 because very few people are going to get 20. Most guys getting 30 aren’t rebounding. So I think that’s impressive.”

Murray finished with eight offensive rebounds total. Offensively he shot an efficient 11 for 18 from the floor and 5 of 8 from three. He said after the game he made a concerted effort to impose his will down low and exploit Georgia Tech’s lack of size.

“I knew I had mismatches down low so we definitely took advantage of that. On the offensive glass that’s kind of one thing that we took away from Florida, was that that’s what we need to do. So I made sure to make a point of that.”

It’s the first game a Hawkeye has recorded 30 and 20 since Bruce King in 1977. The Hawkeyes improved to 6-1 on the year, with Kris Murray averaging 21 points and 10.6 rebounds to lead the way.

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