Hawkeyes linebacker Jack Campbell’s going to need a trophy room at the rate that he’s receiving awards and honors.

A day after the National Football Foundation awarded him the William V. Campbell Trophy, which is awarded to the nation’s premier scholar athlete. Iowa’s team captain was named The Associated Press Big Ten defensive player of the year on Wednesday.

Campbell flew to Las Vegas to accept the Campbell Trophy, which comes with a $25,000 scholarship, and gave a speech Tuesday, which began with “let’s see what this Iowa kid can do.”

Here’s how he did, or what he had to say rather:

“First and foremost, I’d like to thank my lord and savior Jesus Christ for giving me this opportunity and blessing me to be around these fantastic people.”

“Next, I’d like to congratulate all these 14 guys that I’ve met these last two days. You guys are just as deserving of this award as me, and I’d also like to congratulate your families. They’ve raised excellent young men; leaders of the future. You should all pat yourself on the back for that.”

“To my family: My dad, mom, stepmom, stepdad. Not everything went as smooth as we thought, but we loved each other every second through it. And I’m just so appreciative of the way you raised me and the man you’ve turned me into. I would not be here today without you.”

“I’d like to thank Kirk Ferentz and the University of Iowa. With the transfer portal and all this crazy stuff, Kirk Ferentz is one of the most upright respected men I’ve ever met. The integrity he comes in with every single day and sheds onto the student-athletes at the University of Iowa is fantastic. A guy any kid would be lucky to play for and I’m just appreciative coach that you took a shot on me.”

“I’d like to thank my position coach Seth Wallace. I couldn’t be more proud to be coached by a man with such integrity — a great husband, a great father and a great son. You push me on the football field, in the classroom, and as a man.”

“This award has been an accumulation of doing a lot of little things correctly. I did nothing big, I just showed up to class, tried to learn. But most importantly I was a great human being and I just tried to remain humble through it all. I always tried to put other people first and that’s something I’ve just been raised with, that’s all my family.”

“Who would’ve thought that a small town kid from Iowa would be here today? Thank you.”

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