A high of 19 and a low of 3?

That’s football. That’s also the weather forecast in Minneapolis for Iowa’s pivotal game against the Minnesota Golden Gophers. For Iowa linebacker Seth Benson, that’s Big Ten football.

“It doesn’t bother me, It’s Big Ten football,” Benson said. “We have to go out there and do it and get a job done — and you can’t really look at the environment or anything like that. You just have to go out there and embrace it. We’re all in the same place and it’s about who’s going to go out there and execute better.”

Benson didn’t wear sleeves in Saturday’s win over Wisconsin. Neither did his teammate Jack Campbell, who said he sports the sleeveless look to symbolize his mentality.

“It’s about showing people that the outside circumstances aren’t going to affect how I perform,” Campbell said. “I’m not going to make any excuses about anything outside. If they line up and beat us, they beat us. But I’m not going to make any excuses.”

Campbell’s a Cedar Falls, Iowa native. Defensive tackle Logan Lee is not too far from Iowa City either, hailing from Orion, Illinois.

“I grew up an hour away,” Lee joked. “We expect this kind of weather.”

So the defensive guys don’t mind the cold, what about on the other side of the ball?

How about the player that touches the ball on every play besides the center? Quarterback Spencer Petras says the rain gives him more problems than the cold. He said grip may be an issue because the cold weather dries things out, but he’s got a plan:

“I lick my hand, which I do every play,” Petras said. “That helps get a good grip, but nothing special.”

Hey, if it works it works. Whether it’s taking off sleeves, or putting saliva to pigskin, the Hawkeyes have won 13 consecutive games in the month of November. That’s a streak that dates all the way back to 2019.

Head coach Kirk Ferentz says the team practices in the cold climate, and doesn’t use the team’s indoor practice facility unless absolutely necessary.

“Unless it gets crazy out there we’ll be out there. That’s the routine we use. We do the same thing in December, typically,” Ferentz said. “But it’s funny, you look at the tape, and it looks like bad weather on the tape, but it really didn’t seem that bad being out there. It wasn’t. No wind and all that stuff. Unless it’s just crazy winter, something like that, we’ll be out there.”

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