Mark Kallenberger is getting it done for Iowa

Hawkeye Headquarters


It was a dominant peformance in the Holiday Bowl for the Hawkeyes — one that former Bettendorf Bulldog Mark Kallenberger had a major part in. The sophomore offensive lineman got his first career start at guard, helping the Hawks to their 49-point outburst.

Kirk Ferentz says Kallenberger has shown the potential to be a big contributor in 2020:

“You know he probably had the best month of December. We had a couple guys in contention for that position and I thought he did a good job stepping in. I think it was his first start, you probably know better than I do, but he’s been playing. Mark is at the point in his career, three years into it, where I think he’s got the hang of things a little bit. He’s got a feel for the tempo and what he needs to do. I think in Mark’s case, like a lot of our players who haven’t played, it’s really in his hands right now. He’s got the experience necessary, the knowledge necessary, so right now it’s how much can he push forward, how much can he show improvement. It’s all out there for him. That’s the good news to me, if you’re a player, that’s good news. He’s proven he can play, now how good can you become. It’s just attitude, well, there’s a lot of other stuff too, but it starts with your attitude.”

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