Minnesota governor joins Hawkeyes tailgate to stump for Klobuchar

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Klobuchar campaign tailgate attracts both Hawkeyes and Gophers fans

Sports and politics have long gone hand-in-hand.

One gathering before the Iowa-Minnesota game aimed to bring together more than just Hawkeyes and Gophers fans.

“I’m telling folks in Iowa that this is a lot more fun that Minnesota is relevant again,” said Minnesota Governor Tim Walz. “Two ranked teams, great rivalry. Need to bring Floyd home. I said it’s named after a Minnesota governor, so it makes sense that we bring it back.”

But the prized pig is far from the only political connection. The border-battle rivalry also spawned an opportunity for Amy Klobuchar’s democratic presidential campaign to host a tailgate.

Gov. Walz was there stumping for the Minnesota senator prior to kickoff.

“Knowing that the politics is down here as heavy as it is, there’s just an awful lot of folks that wanna see us get along, get together and get things done. I think that bodes well,” Gov. Walz said.

And what better place to get that message out than a Saturday near Kinnick Stadium, with fans from both sides stopping by.

“Just a perfect time to celebrate what we do in the Midwest, which is have football,” said Dr. Andy McGuire, Amy for America campaign chair in Iowa. “I love that everybody is happy and pulling for their teams. You know, I also like that we’re so welcoming to other people. We wanna beat the Gophers, but we like people and we want them to come to our state.”

“This just worked out perfect,” Gov. Walz said. “For me, it’s football, it’s politics, it’s friends…that’s a good day.”

Sen. Klobuchar did not attend the tailgate. She was in California as part of the Univision Presidential Forum.

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