Typically when the Hawkeyes need a basket in a big way, Kris Murray, their 20 points per game scorer, is the man for the job. Today he had 19, but the hero of the game was guard Tony Perkins. Iowa’s saucy guard scored a career-high 32 points that helped Iowa get a huge win over the Fighting Illini in Carver-Hawkeye Arena.

“Coming in tonight, kind of rivalry game — I love those,” Perkins said. “High school was the same way. Coming out, I decided this is going to be a game we’re going to win this one. Regardless of if I did good and scored points or whatever. Who’s going to win — that was my main focus. Coach Fran said ‘keep attacking, keep attacking’.”

Hawkeyes head coach Fran McCaffery basically let his team properly execute the meme ‘Hollup, let him cook’.

“Okay, this guy’s cooking,” McCaffery said. “What was impressive to me about that was the players that were on the floor with him. They’re yelling out plays to me that we should be running for him. So, they recognize that like, ‘Okay, this guy’s on fire.’ We’re going to have nobody else to shoot the ball right now.”

They key to Tony’s terrific day was free throws. He knocked down 15 consecutive free throws, missing only his 16th and final attempt. The streak tied the school’s record. It’s safe to say Tony Perkins can handle the bright lights, and he’ll be a key cog in Iowa’s chances moving forward into the final month of the season.

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