Part of offseason is learning how to be a Hawkeye

Hawkeye Headquarters

The Hawkeyes are in their third week of training for the summer.

What is really as important as that onfield training is the off field camaraderie that some of these guys build over the summer session, which includes conveying to the younger guys what it takes to be a Hawkeye.

“Just introducing sorta the fundamental things about our defense kinda terminology things things like that normally wouldn’t be introduced until mid camp or right before camp,” Iowa senior linebacker Kristian Welch said. “These guys have taken it well and i have been impressed so far.”

“We had guys over for the NBA Finals i’m not a big basketball guy but some other people are so we had them over to our house,” Iowa junior offensive lineman Tristan Wirfs said. “The Paulsens do like cookouts and stuff for the O-line. We are trying to go to a movie or something when we are all free or something you definitely try to build camaraderie among the team.”

“Our Hawkeye championship teams we vote on captains for the teams and then we have a little draft to create smaller teams,” Iowa junior defensive lineman A.J. Epenesa said. “Like we have linebabckers, olineman, dlineman, runningbacks, and wide receivers on our team. I mean you guys really bond because you are pushing for those guys specifically for your team but I mean it kind of builds character in showing you can push other people outside of your group and outside of your position group or friend group within the team.”

Another aspect of training early this summer is figuring out the personalities of some of the new Hawkeyes.

Nate Stanley said its on the leaders to figure out which buttons to push to motivate those guys throughout the summer.

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