Last year’s Hawkeyes made it known early the defense was going to be a problem.

They kicked things off by stifling 13th-ranked Indiana in a 34-6 rout. It’s also the game where Iowa defensive back Riley Moss recorded two interceptions, both for touchdowns. But the ‘ballhawks’ haven’t played a game together in what will be 274 days at Saturday’s opener against South Dakota State. Moss thinks Iowa will be prepared for the ramp up in atmosphere from practice.

“It’s gonna be interesting to see how our communication will be on Saturday, just because it’s gonna be loud. It’s gonna be a lot different than fall camp,” Moss said. “And we practice those situations in fall camp, so I have the utmost confidence in our DBs and linebackers and d-line that we’re going to get the job done.”

Senior Logan Lee is excited to get back on the field of battle as well. But even with the majority of the starters returning this season, he says nothing is set in stone.

“I know there’s a lot of potential on the team. Potential only takes you so far though,” Lee said. “Eventually we’re going to have to get on the field and we’re gonna have to play.”

Linebacker Seth Benson is excited to get out there and hit somebody not wearing black and gold. And hopefully in that process, display greatness on that side of the ball.

“We’ve been hitting our own guys for all fall camp, you know, spring ball. So it’ll be fun hitting other guys and playing some other guys,” said the preseason all-Big Ten linebacker. “Work every day for this 12 weeks, we’re just we’re just ready to get out there and and let it fly.”

Head coach Kirk Ferentz agrees, and thinks if anything else this first game will be a breath of fresh air for both sides of the football.

“You get to a point where offense knows the defense, defense knows the offense,” Ferentz said. “And after about seven days, everybody hates each other in the building. The offense guys hate the defensive guys, it just happens every spring and every August. So it’s time to go and see what it looks like against somebody else.”

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