In the second half of Iowa’s 86-70 win over Northwestern, a game tied at halftime was broken open by two Hawkeyes on a mission. Over nearly a four-minute stretch from the 7:11 minute mark, forwards Payton Sandfort and Filip Rebraca combined for 17 points. When they were finished, a three-point Iowa lead ballooned to 16.

Both players finished with a game high 20 points. The highlight of the night coming from Sandfort, who sparked a six-point possession. He knocked down five three-pointers and his head coach made a point to get him the ball.

“Coming down to stretch Payton’s cooking like that,” head coach Fran McCaffery said. “You’ve got to find him and then you can play off of him.”

A beneficiary was Filip Rebraca, who succeeded scoring inside paint and on the perimeter, in a few pick-and-pop opportunities down the stretch.

“I know that people love to chase him and then when he hits me on a pop or something, I know he’s going to run back to it,” Rebraca said postgame. “I think we just know each other’s games and we just played off of each other and to our strengths. So that’s what I felt like it kind of was the spark that moment.”

“Filip is awesome,” Sandfort said. “I mean, spring, summer … we were all in there working. I know he took last year pretty hard. He was a great player in North Dakota — came here, but he wanted to prove himself. This year, he’s been free. I mean, he’s really been showing that Serbian toughness. I’m just really proud of them. He battled through a lot. He’s an animal.”

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