Iowa’s 24-17 loss to Nebraska was a difficult affair for everyone involved. But perhaps nobody hurt more than the seniors who exited Kinnick Stadium for the final time and concluded their time as Hawkeyes on a somber note.

“When you walk off that field the last time,” a somber Jack Campbell said postgame, holding back tears as best he could. “Everything that this program has done for me — and the guys in that locker room — it means a lot. And it hurts a little bit. No one’s going to hang their head, we’re just going to keep going. We have one more, we’re just going to keep going as a group together.”

His teammate, Seth Benson, was proud of the way the Hawkeyes played in the second half, even though the comeback fell short.

“Obviously it’s tough being the last time playing at Kinnick,” Benson said. “I think we continued to fight. We fought until the end. You never know what’s going to happen or where the ball is going to bounce. I’m just proud of everyone and the way they fought for each other. For the coaches and the fans.”

Noah Shannon took time to acknowledge those same fans, who contributed to a season full of sold-out home games.

“Another thing I’d like to do is shout out to all the Hawkeye fans for coming out and supporting us on Black Friday,” Shannon said. “I know there’s other things they could be doing, I just want to say thank you guys for your support.”

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