Social media is the catalyst for a rockin’ Hawkeyes tailgate

Hawkeye Headquarters

Pregame party at 1122 Melrose has been enhanced by Twitter relationships

It’s the final weekend for Hawkeyes football in Iowa City.

That means it’s time for the last Hawkeye Headquarters Tailgate of the Week.

It’s a party that’s used Twitter to become one of the best spots for pregame fun.

“That’s how we’ve all gotten connected, so it’s been an amazing experience. Without it, we wouldn’t have what we have right now,” said Ron Allen, @ICHawkeye on Twitter. “You keep bringing people into the fold, it doesn’t matter. If you’re good friends or new people you’ve never met before, it’s like the more the merrier.”

The site is 1122 Melrose. The only requirement is a social media account.

“A lot of it’s from Twitter. This is how a lot of us met, through Hawkeye Twitter,” said Anne Edwards, @xrayanneiowa on Twitter. “Look at it, it’s party central down here. We’re here every week. We party, we eat and we have a good time.”

This is a place where online handles become friendly faces in what’s become a weekly tradition that keeps growing.

“I’ve had season tickets since 2002, haven’t missed a home game in 17 years,” Allen said. “It’s amazing. We’ve met lots of people off of Twitter. We’ve met former players, players’ parents. It’s a really family atmosphere.”

One big social media family that knows how to get loose at a gathering that wouldn’t have been possible a little more than a decade ago.

“This is gonna last a lifetime,” Edwards said. “It’s not just years, it’s a lifetime that I’ve made new friends.”

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