Sweet Sixteen: Hawkeyes preview matchup with NC State

Hawkeye Headquarters

Iowa will take on the Wolf Pack Saturday morning at 10:30 CT in the Sweet Sixteen. 

NC State is one of the better defensive teams in the country, and the Hawkeyes say they will need to push the pace if they want to advance to the Elite Eight. 

“It’s really important,” said senior forward Megan Gustafson.  “A lot of teams try to make us uncomfortable, whether it’s slowing us down or speeding us up. You know, we have to be ready for that. NC State, they’re gonna be in there, they’re gonna try and battle inside and try to be really physical. I have to be ready for that and I feel like I’ve been really well prepared for that. I’m used to it by now. But at the same time I just gotta be prepared and I know my teammates will too.”

Swenior forward Hannah Stewart adds, “we’re just gonna focus on our game and attacking them as much as we can and not worry about what they’re known to be good at and just see how they matchup against us. I think that’s how we surprise some people. That’s why I like playing teams that aren’t in the Big Ten or don’t know us as well, because I think we surprise them with they way we’re able to attack their defense.”

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