Spencer Petras told reporters on Tuesday thatyou almost feel like a gladiatorwhen going on the road. Whatever “us against the world” mentality Petras employs, it’s worked pretty dang well.

Let’s take a look at his home & road splits over the course of his Iowa career. At face value, here’s a few things that stand out:

  1. Taking care of the ball: Petras’s 8-1 passing TD/INT ratio is FAR better than his home splits. Throwing rushing scores into the mix, Petras sports an impressive 14-1 Total TD/INT ratio. But for the sake of this point, let’s stick with passing numbers. The bottom line is Petras takes care of the football on the road, and that 8-1 ratio would’ve been the best in the Big Ten conference last season. In nine career road games, one interception in 200 attempts is nothing to scoff at.
  2. All he does is win, baby: The Hawkeyes are winning on the road with Spencer Petras at quarterback. Quarterback record can be deceiving, but Petras’ team has won six of its eight road games with him at the helm. Last season, the Hawkeyes defeated Big Ten foes Maryland and Nebraska away from Kinnick Stadium with Petras starting. The starter also rode a five-game away win streak from 2020-2021, when the Hawkeyes took down Minnesota, Penn State, Illinois, Iowa State, and Maryland.
  3. Mr. Efficiency: Digging deeper into the numbers, Petras’ passer rating is another key statistic that jumps off of the page. It’s a whooping 20 point increase away from Kinnick Stadium over his career. His completion percentage has also been slightly better, 58.5% on the road as opposed to 55% at home. Now, with greater volume comes decreases efficiency, and Petras has attempted 169 (sorta nice?) more throws at Kinnick than elsewhere. But, his yards per attempt rises nearly a full yard (6.73 vs. 5.84).
  4. Dual threat?: Nobody is calling Petras Michael Vick, but his rushing statistics in hostile environments are respectable. Circling back to scores, Petras took it himself four times in 2021 (three of which were QB sneaks, in all fairness), but “Road Petras” would’ve been ranked 2nd in the entire conference in rushing touchdowns among quarterbacks. Scoring touchdowns isn’t always easy for Iowa, so this number isn’t insignificant.

The bottom line is this: Spencer Petras is better on the road. The confident 6-foot-4 senior carries an edge and a swagger that translates to an elevated performance in crazy college football atmospheres. Petras seems to enjoy the challenge, that’s for sure.

“It’s still football. There’s no need to overthink going on the road. It’s an away game and you’re on a plane. Other than that you’re still playing ball,” Petras said.

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Iowa’s Spencer Petras drops back to pass on October 30, 2021. (Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images)