The Voice of the Iowa Hawkeyes Gary Dolphin on what he’s been up to during the pandemic

Hawkeye Headquarters

“This is an absolute thrill, I’m joined by the voice of the Iowa Hawkeyes, Mr. Gary Dolphin. Dolph, great to have you with us, first off we know you’re home in Dubuque, just want to check in with you, hope you’re doing well, how you been the last couple of months through this whole sequence?

“That’s a great question Jay. This will be my 49th year in broadcasting, and I don’t think I’ve had a spring or start of summer this quite honestly, that’s not to say I’m not enjoying it. We have three grand kids, nine, seven and one, so I’ve been making up for a lot of lost time with them. They have been an absolute joy to hangout with the last couple of months, but I have getting ready for some kind of football, hopefully it get;s here and arrives on time, but I had a trip planed to France in July, I was going to host a group to France , and to Normandy beach, as you know I’m a huge military history buff, and that was the next thing I was going to cross off my bucket list, that obviously got canceled along with everything else. We hope to do that trip next July, and I’ve stay fairly busy with the Hawkeyes in this down time. We’re doing weekly podcast, I’m really into the podcast, in fact I’m going to interview Marshal Yanda, and get his thoughts on his 13 year career with the Baltimore Ravens, as he just retired, one of the great Iowa linemen of all-time. I have no doubt that he will be a first ballot Hall of Famer in the NFL. So we had Bobby Hansen this past week talking about Michael Jordan, the last dance, so we’ve had nice cross section of current Hawkeyes, former Hawkeyes, we’ve reproduced some of the great Hawkeye classic games over my 23 years in this chair, and we’re doing kind of an off take of Joe Buck, who if you remember put a call for video’s a month or so ago, a few months back, because he was getting board sitting at home, so we call them the Iowa backyard video’s and I’m narrating, creating play-by-play for three year-old Johnny shooting a basketball, those have been kind of fun. You have to get creative with these kids, but we’ve had a blast, we’ve had video’s from Tokyo, and Omaha, and Comanche, in your neck of the woods. So I’ve been able to occupy myself, haven’t played any golf yet, the weather hasn’t been good enough, at least for me. It’s been a, obviously what’s happened this last week with whats happened with Iowa football has kind of rocked everybody Jay, but hopefully they get that figured out and we can move forward, but I’m looking forward to September, I don’t want it to get here too fast, but I am looking forward to the coming football season. What’s really been weird, is usually after spring football, which they didn’t have, we would roll right in to the I-Club banquet
tour with a stop right there in the Quad Cities, all of those things have been washed away with the pandemic, so it’s been kind of unique, kind of spooky, kind of different, kind of weird like we’re in a time warp, we’re starting to work our way out of things and hopefully better days a head.”

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