The Iowa Hawkeyes go into their bye week 6-2 and with four games left on their schedule. It starts with a road trip to Northwestern, continues with a pair of home games against Rutgers and Illinois, then culminates with a Black Friday battle in Lincoln.

But as far as pacing themselves through the gauntlet of the college football season, the Hawkeyes are preparing themselves for the final portion of the marathon.

“The college season is never a sprint — it’s always a marathon,” Yahya Black said. “We’re always just going to run it at our pace and if we control our pace and we keep running the way we’ve been running we should do our best.”

“It’s the most important time of the year. They say November is where the contenders come out and the pretenders fall away,” Deontae Craig said. “We definitely want to be up there in that contender category. I know we’re going to put in the work, we’re going to stay on the grind and try to accomplish everything that’s still out there for us.”

“I think it’s very important. I mean, the entire season is important,” Ethan Hurkett said. “Obviously each game we take it just a game at a time and try to focus everything — all our efforts — on that specific week. But yeah, it’s super important.”

“Having this bye week is really nice, I will say,” Rusty Feth admitted. “We have a four-week season ahead of us. And that’s all we have to focus on is these next four games. It’s going to fly by and having the bye week now really shows that we have literally only four weeks left. We have to make the most out of the next four games that we have.”

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