Exercising the right to vote is something that means a great deal to Iowa Hawkeyes defensive lineman Noah Shannon, who said he’d be heading to the polls after class. He said this will be his second time voting, his first being the 2020 presidential election. Shannon opened Tuesday’s media session with some heartfelt reasoning as to why he’s casting his vote.

“For me personally, being of color — I know that’s something we really fought for,” Shannon said. “I want to uphold my responsibility and just pay my respects to my past generations who really fought for that and wanted our voices to all be heard.”

Defensive line coach Kelvin Bell has made it a point of emphasis to get out and vote, according to Shannon & Logan Lee.

“I know coach Bell has been encouraging everybody to do it just because we have the opportunity to do it. He doesn’t care which side you’re on just do your best to make a difference. Nobody ever wants to hear anybody complain if you’re not voting.” Lee said.

Head coach Kirk Ferentz said the team has made an asserted effort to inform the players about where they can vote, and how to vote.

“We do live in the greatest country and one of the rights we have that’s so valuable is to get an opportunity to go vote. We live in a country where a lot people have opinions but don’t really back it up with anything, so this is a chance to go back it up. If you have an opinion about something, go vote and try to be a part of the process.”

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