With Thanksgiving and a Friday kickoff, Iowa’s schedule is all out of wack this week. But it comes with the territory, and head coach Kirk Ferentz knows how to navigate it. He elaborated on the game plan on Tuesday:

“[Wednesday] night we will do a really nice dinner right here,” Ferentz said. “Players’ families won’t be here, but our families are going to be here. It’s a real nice opportunity to have fellowship with each other.”

“I will highlight just some quotes kind of ring true about what the holiday is all about, giving thanks for everything, being grateful for the things we have.”

“Worst-case scenario, we all have a pretty good deal going compared to a lot of other folks. Just echo that a little bit.”

“Thursday well, it will be like just a Friday for us. Friday will be a Saturday. One nice thing about playing on Friday, it gives us Saturday off to be with our families. Our players might have that same opportunity.”

“It’s a great deal. Best holiday going. You eat good food and you don’t have to bring gifts so its a hell of a deal.”

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