Rockridge looking for postseason return with new head coach

High School Football

New head coach Steve Disler comes to the Rockets after coaching Rock Falls in 2018.

Disler says he’s looking for consistent growth each day, and is confident this team has the work ethic to succeed.

“These kids are going to run through a wall and I think that’s one of our strengths,” said Disler. “They want to be the best, they don’t want to just be average or just be good anymore. That’s our big thing. And the numbers, we’ll find pieces, we’ll put it together. And if the kids are willing to work and willing to be smart and work hard we’ll be okay…We got to do practices better than we did last year. Today’s got to be a more efficient practice than it was yesterday. You’ve got to do your individual drills a little bit better. And that’s what’s going to get us to that greatness that we want to be at. So we’re just working to that overall mission statement by doing it better every day.”

Junior lineman Ryan Parchert added, “We’re hungry. We’re ready to get back into the postseason. One win isn’t good enough, we want to go deep this year like we do every year…we’re gonna do things better than most other people will. We’re willing to work harder than everybody else, and willing to get things done.”

“We’re ready,” said junior quarterback Wyatt Rudsell. “We want to prove to people that we can do it. Yeah we might have lost a couple guys, but we’re next. We’re next in line and we’ve got to step it up.”

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