Assumption Football winning with the Angry Hogs

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“Through the first four weeks of the season the Assumption Knights football team is undefeated. A big reason for that has been the play of their offensive line or as running back Dayne Hodge calls them “The Angry Hogs”.”

(Dayne Hodge/Assumption Running Back)
“Hogs angry, I just think Hogs are kind of bad you know. I don’t know they just play like they are angry. It’s one of a kind, you know what I mean. The holes they give me in practices and games it’s crazy.”

“A reason why the Knights offensive line is so good because they are a veteran group. The group knowns how to play together.”

(Tyler Maro/Assumption Offensive Linemen) 030
“When we were younger we had the opportunity to play up, we didn’t have many offensive linemen my freshmen year, my sophomore year. So, we had those opportunities. To gain experience I think is just really unfolding right now.”

(Nate Timmons/Assumption Offensive Linemen) 045
“Sorta of experience before this year. That’s always a huge deal with us because I mean, four of the five of us have started on the offensive line, that’s huge. Also our size and our aggressiveness and stuff like that plays a huge role in the fact that we are dominating people.”

“Head Coach Wade King doesn’t know about the nickname “The Angry Hogs”, but he believes the group is getting the job done.”

(Wade King/Assumption Head Coach) 107
“I don’t know about that, they seemed pretty good natured to me. I don’t know if they are angry, but that is fine. They are having fun, and that is what high school sports is supposed to be about.”

“A good offensive line needs a good running back, and that’s what the knights have in Dayne Hodge. Hodge had a 100 and 99 yards on 24 carries against Central DeWitt on Friday.”

(Dayne Hodge/Assumption Running Back) 134
“Each time I get the ball I am trying to be patient. Let my blocks kind of happen. Once I see a hole I try to burst through it as quick as I can, and try to bounce it out and get as many yards as I can.’

“Dayne is um, last year did not play a lot of offense for us. He played on the defensive side, but kind of came in this year and really determined to be the guy to carry the football for us and he has done a great job so far. He is really explosive through the hole.”

“It was supposed to be the Assumption Knights vs the North Scott Lancers on Friday but due to North Scott not being able to play, The Assumption Knight will take on Cedar Rapids Washington on Saturday

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