Assumption Volleyball Schubert Sisters

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When it comes to volleyball the Assumption Knights have shown they are a dominant program year in and year out. The only thing they haven’t done is bring home a state title, but this year they look to change that.

“These girls are very hungry they’ve workerd really really hard and I think it’s just the pride factor and how ever hard that we want work to get that title.”

The Knights are lead by the Schubert sisters, Emma and Ava.

“They’re such a great duo. They’ve been playing volleyball since they were young and they have a very high volleyball IQ, they help each other out, if they have some lows they know how to pick each other back up and kind of self correct, or course correct when they are on the floor.”

Both Emma and Ave Schubert are at the top of almost every stat category on the team, and for the sisters it’s all about how they mentally approach the game.

“How can I get this kill, and how can I make sure all of my teammates are performing to their best abilities.”

“Be an animal, I mean being an animal out on the court at all times, don’t think just do and boosting up your teammates at all cost and keeping high energy, positivity, no negativity ever enters the court at all.”

The Schubert sisters aren’t just great athletes on the court they are great teammates as well.

“They are great duo of girls and they really do complement our team very well.”

But what makes this season even more special is, this is the last year in the duo will hit the court together in high school.

“She brings out the best in me, and I think I bring out the best in her, and this is our last home game …. to play together and I think that’s really special, and I really excited to see, and hope we can go far.”

“It’s very emotional to get to have this last season with her, I’ve been playing with her since I was a little girl. I’m going to miss it a lot, I love playing with her, she’s our caption this year and I’m so proud of her for everything she accomplished. She’s a great teammate, she’s a great sister, she’s just a great person and she just deserves everything in this world.”

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