Bettendorf Swim Team is all about family in 2020

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“Mike Ahrens has been the head coach of the Bettendorf swimming team for the past 27 seasons, and this year is going to be a little bit different. He has not one, not two, but three sets of Twins on the Women’s swimming team.”

(Holly and Valerie Gutierrez/ Bettendorf Swimmers) 014
“Honestly I think it is kind of fun, we get to push each other during practice, and I don’t know we have always had a kind of close bond with each other, so it is kind of cool to do the same thing as your sister. It is really fun to be able to communicate with her about swimming, not only in the pool but outside of it.”

“Having so many twins on one team coach Ahrens said he does get confused telling the swimmers apart.”

(Mike Ahrens/Bettendorf Swimming Coach) 041
“One set I still, I could walk in there right now, and probably make an mistake. The other two sets I can tell easily. It’s pretty neat though. The Gutierrez’s are the ones who look identical, and they use to wear caps in practice and I would memorize, and I think they play a little game on me, and fooled me a couple of times.”

“All three sets of twins see this as a unique opportunity to swim with people they can relate too.”

(Jenna and Katie Ripley/Bettendorf Swimmers) 106
“Well, we grew up like together so, so we are very like naturally like competitive with each other, our instant is always to be better than the other one. Um it’s nice to have other people who can relate to what we go through every morning, like walking up. With your other half.”

(Mary and Abby Selden/Bettendorf Swimmers) 125
“Yeah, I think it’s really weird but it so much fun, yeah it is really cool because we get like twin pictures together.”

“Coach Ahrens believes that his team might have three twins, but they are a team full of sisters.”

“The comradary they have, they just they are like 31 sisters out there. obviously we have group of sisters, even if we are not a twin or a sister they have still been taking in by the family.”

“These girls just excited to be here and be able to play the sport they love.

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