Central De Witt Football smooth sailing in week one

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“Central DeWitt started the season off right with a 14-7 victory over Ottumwa, and they were led by running back Garrett Sailor who had two touchdowns including a 31 yarder on the opening drive.”

(Garrett Sailor/Senior Running back) 013
“Right away we had good blocks, and I got the ball, had to sneak by a couple of guys and then kind of let the play develop on it’s own.”

(Cole Miller/Senior Offensive linemen) 028
“Well it was just a great play call by coach Miller, and the whole staff did a great job last night, and Garrett is just an absoulete beast, and the whole line the whole team was just great, and the first touchdown of the season is always your favorate one. It just felt so great to see him go into the endzone.”

(Ryan Streets/Head Coach)042
“It was awesome because he was a kid who was banged up last year. He worked hard but just did not have a lot of success with what he did. This year he is healthy, and a little bit bigger and stronger as a senior and can take the pounding a little bit better, so we are happy for him.”

“The Sabers were happy to play infront of their home crowd, and be able to have fans in the stands.”

“It was really refreshing, because of coronavirus, we really did not see much of our community before, and it is nice just to be able to get back into it.”

“It definitely gets old, here I played football my whole life. It just never gets old seeing all those fans packed in the stands, and having them all cheer your name, and having them all support you. It’s just a great feeling.”

“Relief to be honest with you, it was just that we are playing and we told the kids that they better take advange of it because their is a lot of kids that would really wish that they would be in your position.”

“Central DeWitt is now preparing for Davenport West who they play on Friday

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