Davenport North’s Wiseman Brothers Proving Defense wins games

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They say defense wins championships, and for the Davenport North Wildcats, they feel like they have to defense to make their championship dreams come true this season, all lead by junior defensive lineman Dominic Wiseman.

“He just comes out here and has an energy about him you know. I always tell kids when they say they’re divison I, I’m like when you see division I it sticks out on the field, and from day one since he was freshman he stuck out on the field.”

Dominic has always had the talent to make the big plays on the field, but this year he has taken his game to the next level by becoming a student of the game.

“I’ve been like, trying like to know more about what’s going on, on the offensive end and talking to coaches to see how I can further develop my game.”

The junior leads the Wildcats in tackles for loss this season, but for Dominic it’s not all about the stats, for him it’s about doing what’s best for the team to help them win.

“So if it’s for me to take a little bit of a sacrifice I’m just going to do it for the win.”

Dominic isn’t the only Wiseman suiting for the Wildcats this season, his older brother Quincy Wiseman is making plays for North as well.

“I was fortunate enough to play the last two years with him and we both bring a different type of energy, he’s more of a defensive player, and I would say I’m more of an offensive player, and we both have it on differnet sized and it’s a different energy and we just love playing with each other.”

“Like when he got his interception I wasn’t on the field at the time, but I was making sure that could go rush and congratulate him man… it’s like… it’s crazy I really want him to succeed as much as I want to succeed.”

The brothers are each others biggest fans, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t competitive with one another, as when you as each one who the better athlete is, you’ll get a different answer.

“Athlete, yeah he definitely got the size, but I can run, I can jump, I can catch, athlete wise me.”

“Lineman are better athletes man, you know, got to push people around and still got to make the sack.”

Putting all jokes a side, the Wiseman’s and the Wildcats are hungry to keep winning and their goal is to try and bring home a state title this season.

“Just get into the playoffs and go as far as we can, try to make it to the dome, win state that’s the goal.”

But before the Wildcats can try and reach their goal, they have a big test on the road against Bettendorf on Friday.

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