Galesburg Football Egipciaco brothers shining in 2021

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Coming into the 20-21 spring football season, the Galesburg Silver Streaks were determined to dominate on the gridiron…

“Through week one and week three I think we’ve been impressive, and I love the physicality from the guys and the work that they put in it’s really showing off, and just earning that respect is what has really been pushing us.”

A big part of Galesburg’s 2-1 start this season is a pair of brothers — Alexandre and Alexavier Egipciaco, who really knows how to stretch the field for the Silver Streaks.

“Playmakers, I mean your able to get them the ball out in space you know. Alex we’re able to get him in the throw game, obviously we’re able to get him out on the outside runs. And Dre we do everything we can in the pass game to get him the ball out in space, wether it’s screens, vertical throws, sit down routes, anything we can do to get him the ball.”

Not only are the Egipciaco brothers a couple of the top players in the Western Big 6 statistically, they’re as competitive as they come, and it’s that kind of attitude that makes them such great athletes and leaders on the football field…

“Me and him said we’re just going to be leaders on this team, and if we want to keep pushing this team forward to winning then we got to be good, we got to make sure that we’ve got each others back and just stuff like that.”

And when asked who the better athlete is, both brothers had a different answer…

“I think I am, I mean he can say what he wants, but you know how it is.”

” He can’t jump with me or run with me but he’s stronger, way stronger than me.”

All joking a side, both Brothers are always there for each other in the good times and bad.

“You know just to have him by myside, and definitely for these next years, and even futher on in life I really appreciate it.”

“You know we pick each other up, so I think he’s really the reason why I keep my head in the game, cuz he’s always there for me.”

With only three games left, the Egipciaco brothers are looking to keep playing at a high level and help their team win out.

“These next games I think we’re going to give it our all. Every play we’re going to play with a strike, every down we’re going to run as hard as possible, and um we can’t take them for granted, these teams are great, their good. So yeah, I just think we’re going to be ready and be ready to win Friday night.”

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