One of the hottest teams in the MAC right now is North Scott football, who has scored over 150 points in three straight wins over Burlington, Clinton and Fort Madison.

Changing the focus in the lead up to their games has helped the Lancers get back in playoff contention.

“Really for us we just focus on setting the stage on the o-line.” senior Mason Pike said. “Getting our guys moving. It really all starts with getting that movement. We’ve been practicing a lot harder recently. We just try to get better every single day.”

We just tried to get things going in practice. I feel like we just got ahead of ourselves at the beginning of the season,” senior Dylan Marti said. “We need to stay focused on us as a team and get better everyday. We just have to stay humble and hungry. No team is bad and we can’t overlook anybody and keep the same mindset through the end of the season.”

“The mindset is the same for us. Going in to the playoffs playing hot. Feeling hot. Feeling confident, head coach Kevin Tippet said. “It’s continuing to building and were looking at some things on our offense that maybe we don’t do well and what we can get better at. Some thing defensively. On special teams. Looking at can we get better on first down offensively and defensively. How can we turn these special teams plays into bigger plays. Those are all things that will help us in the playoffs. Just being more disciplined. Eliminating penalties. Making sure we do our job every play. Focusing on the same things and it’s really helped us the last few weeks. “