Parents give Rock Island Senior Baseball Players a special goodbye

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Rock Island senior baseball players got one final farewell from parents and friends.

“We all appreciate being sent off like this, and having something done for us seniors.”

Since the Rock Island baseball team didn’t get to play this season due to Covid-19, the parents decided to throw a parade for the team.

“We wanted to do something, so the parents of Rock Island baseball got together and we wanted to put on an event to make them feel special.”

It’s been a roller coaster, and it kind of stinks that we couldn’t have a senior night, and play our last game with our buddies that we’ve been playing with since we were seven or eight, but this helps.”

For the nine seniors that didn’t think they would get another shot t being with their teammates and friends for baseball one more time, this was more than they could ever ask for.

“So it’s just kind of special, it’s not just my classmates, it’s like a brotherhood, it’s people that are really close to me and it means a lot, going out with them.”

Cars drover by with friends and family as they honked and passed out candy to the seniors, showing these seniors how much pride there is in the Rock Island community.

“I mean it’s just awesome how much support there is in Rock Island for all of the seniors and all of the other students who missed out of their seasons and I’m just glad to see that Rock Island has taken advantage of the opportunity of provide for their community.”

Giving these ball players a senior night they won’t forget.

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