Davenport North girls basketball has every right to be dancing at practice. The Wildcats are 14-2 this season, good for second in the MAC. Helping them get there? Sophomore superstars Journey Houston and Divine Burrage.

“We’ve known each other since kindergarten so we have a close bond,” Houston said.

“We’ve been playing with each other for the longest so our relationship just connects,” Burrage said.

The duo has combined for 522 points this season. With that connection off the floor comes the close bond of it.

“We have many memories we also played AAU together. We’re with each other all the time,” Houston said. “We travel together and everything. Spent the night at each other’s houses plenty of times. When we travel we may go to the movies or shopping. Little stuff like that. Even if we’re not traveling, we’ll go watch other teams games too.

Being friends for so long, Houston and Burrage have always talked about one main goal.

We’re both very hard workers and have our minds set on goals which is to play division one college basketball,” Houston said.

Just keeping chemistry and working throughout,” Burrage said. “For example, in some games she’ll just be jogging, I’ll be looking at her and she’ll start sprinting to give it to her.

While both have already received some interest nationally from colleges, Houston and Burrage know there is more left to accomplish the next two years and have each others backs.

We want to get to state but before state is the MAC and we couldn’t get that this year so next year I hope we can win the MAC,” Houston said. “Just being there for each other in the end. If one of us is not having a good day, asking them what the problem is. Making sure we’re just there for each other at all times.”

What she said and then just staying positive,” Burrage said. “Staying positive is just the biggest thing out of everything.”