Wapello shortstop making heads turn for the Arrows

High School Sports

“The Wapello Softball team maybe young this season, only one senior on the team, but the Arrows are playing great softball, all lead by a young sophomore — Shortstop Serah Shafer

“So she kind of takes everyone under her wing, and if someone looks like their struggling, or maybe not sure what their doing she’ll tell them hey, this is what you’re suppose to do, this is what we need you to do… let’s do it.”

What helps Shafer take on the leadesrship roll for the Arrows as such a young age, is the fact she’s has a lot of experience playing softball.

“One of the things I’ve been playing since eight grade, and I also play travel ball so I know what I’m doing, and I’m very loud, I like to be vocail in the dougout and talk to me teamates.”

Shafer brings a lot of energy during games when she’s in the dougout yelling at the other team.

“It like rattles the other team, and they get mad and upset and they start doing bad and we start doing good and it keeps us pumped.”

Shafer not only can talk the talk, but she can walk the walk, second in batting avg, and one of the top fielders on the team.. so when Shafer is out on the diamond the Arrows know she’s going to come through for them.

“We have all the confidence in the world in her, and she yeah, when she’s confident she’s unstoppable.”

Which makes Head Coach Ashley Hahnbaum’s job a lot easier having a player like Serah Shafer on her team.

“She does, I don’t have to say a whole lot when she’s out there, she’s got my back, I have her’s and everyone’s got each others back around her.”

So, no matter how the season turns out for the Arrows, one thing is for sure– Serah Shafer — has a bright future

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