Assumption Senior Emarion Ellis is a special talent. The Guard can do it all, he can score, he can defend, he can pass and he can rebound.

Which is probably why he is playing at the University of Texas next year and his teammates believe he is the best player in the state. But Emarion is making an impact at Assumption both off the court and on.

“He’s got a good heart and not a lot of people have a good heart. Like he truly cares about other people” said Travis Thomas Emarion’s Adopted Father.

Something Emarion strives to do both off the court and on.

“He really takes pride on being a great teammate and not only is he a great scorer but he is a great locker room guy. Everyone likes E, I mean everyone likes him as a person” said J.J. Stratman Assumption Junior.

Emarion transferred from Davenport Central to Assumption this past year a move that couldn’t have gone better.

I feel like if I would have known the way it fit the way it fits now I would have transferred him freshmen year. Like it’s a perfect fit. A lot of people thought, you know it got some backlash from people that didn’t really understand. I never really explained the decision because I really didn’t need to explain the decision. It fits so good that they embraced him with open arms from the day I got there we sat down with the staff” said Travis Thomas.

This past year Ellis committed to play basketball at the University of Texas. A school that made him feel like Family.

“We always keep in contact with each other. They make sure I’m on track with my grades, and basketball they text me after every game” said Emarion Ellis Assumption Guard.

“100 percent on board with Texas, we had, he had several offers. He slept on it and he made a decision early because he felt the family aspect I am going somewhere far away and I know they truly care about me. Not just my talent but me as a person. And no he is in, he is locked and loaded for Texas, there is no decommitting” said Tavis Thomas.

Assumption is one win away from heading to the State title game. Ellis is a big reason for that, which is why his coach believes he is the best player in the state of Iowa.

“You know, Emarion allows everyone around him to really embrace their roles. We can be much more aggressive defensively because you know he will come through and clean up some rebounds. We can be much more aggressive in the passing lines because E will be in there to help and clean some stuff up. And obviously offensively he takes so much attention and his ability to get into the paint and he always makes the right decision. Whether it’s scoring or kicking out to the right person. He is a complete player, I’ve said this all year but we have the best player in the state” said Matt Fitzpatrick Assumption Head Coach.

On Tuesday Emarion Ellis lead Assumption with 25 points, 7 rebounds, 5 assists, and 4 blocks. The Knights will play their first state semifinal game on Thursdays since 2013.