Iowa and Iowa State will be broadcast to a national audience on Saturday, September 14.

“The program. and everybody, what [Matt] Campbell has built here, this game is going to be special for everybody who hasn’t experienced it before, but for us we take it one day at a time,” said sophomore quarterback Brock Purdy. “Coach does a great job of keeping us under control with things, so you know Gameday for us is just calm and it’s just another game.”

“Great for our state, great for this game, great for our university, and the fact that our program is at least to the point where I think people are recognizing who we are outside of this state,” said Campbell. “And I think that’s great for our football team. Though the reality of it is the effect that it has at 3 o’clock is zero and, you know, I think that’s something we’ve got to do a great job at keeping in perspective. 3 o’clock on Saturday is coming and the fact of the matter of it is really easy to get lost in everything that comes naturally with this game. Then you certainly throw in Gameday [and] there’s a lot of mirage around what’s really going on.”